Better Health Tomorrow by Making Better Choices Today

Better Health

Have you ever heard of the saying “today is a sacrifice, tomorrow is paradise”? These famous words remind you that whatever sacrifices you are doing today will reap fruit in the future.

But keeping this in mind is not always easy. That’s why we are presenting you this website that gives sound and encouraging health content so that you don’t lose heart on your health journey.

Why Investing In Your Health Is Important

Your health will be one of your best investments as you grow older. No, your value in terms of health insurances will not increase. Instead, your body will be a lot more resilient in terms of keeping illnesses at bay.

As you grow old, your body tends to deteriorate. The once tight and clear skin will start sagging and growing warts. The arms that can lift weights can no longer carry heavy luggage. This may sound saddening, but this is the truth. Science tells us that our body ages as the years go by. But science also told us that there are ways to prolong a healthy mind and body.

With the age of technology, it brought with it advancements in the field of medicine, nutrition, and rehab. Nowadays, you can buy organic health supplements and you can have other medical financial methods to pay for your health needs. All these things were made so that more people are able to live a happier and healthier life.

We believe that we should take advantage of the advancements in technology to improve our health. We also encourage you to adapt more organic ways of being healthy. You can do this by browsing our site for tips on how to keep track of your health using technology. You can also find talks and articles here that offer ways on how you can be more organic when it comes to your diet.

We understand that this might not always be easy. With all the “you only live once” mantras flying around, it’s hard to maintain your health when advertisements encourage you to live by the moment and grab that pint of ice cream. We want to tell you that it’s okay to live in the moment as long as you do not compromise your health. It’s a whole different story if you always grab that pint of ice cream every day. So we hope that our website will encourage you to feel better about keeping your healthy habits. We hope that as you enjoy living a healthy life, it wouldn’t feel that it’s a sacrifice you have to make for a healthier you in the future.

Holistic Living and Your Health

Holistic Living

A few decades ago, health only referred to the physical aspect. In other words, being healthy meant that you are fit, your metabolic rate is fast, and the food you eat is nutritious. Today, being healthy doesn’t just talk about how fit you are. Instead, it also refers to your whole well-being – the mental and emotional states of your body.

The past years brought a lot of attention to mental health especially when some of the most esteemed Hollywood celebrities committed suicide due to depression. While a lot of fans mourned for their idols, therapists and doctors alike delved deeper into the mental aspect of a person. They realized that a person’s mental state was equally important to that of the physical state. And because of that, more people have advocated for mental health awareness.

On the other hand, more content was published that talked about the emotional state of a person. Both the emotional and the psychological aspects of the person are closely linked because emotions can affect the long-term brain activities. Emotions are fleeting, but recurring emotions take a toll on the mind and this creates the mental illnesses people feel. Of course, there are a lot of other factors at play here.

How Do You Achieve Holistic Living?

Since professionals have acknowledged the importance of having holistic ways of taking care of one’s self, more people are looking into healthy habits that not only affect their bodies. If you are one of them, then these tips might be helpful for you.


Exercise is great for your body. When accompanied by the right amounts of the right foods, exercise can help strengthen your muscles. In the long run, your flexibility and endurance improve. But apart from the physical improvement you will notice, exercise can also lift up your mood because it reinforces the production of endorphins or “happy hormones”. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

Breathing exercises.

Breathing exercises have a lot of benefits. One of them is the short relaxation you will feel whenever you feel stressed or overwhelmed by emotion. Breathing exercises allow your mind to have enough space again to take the day on. What’s great about this is you don’t have to go to a gym or take yoga classes. Breathing exercises can be done anywhere and it only takes a few minutes of your time.

More water, less caffeine, and alcohol.

If you want to be really healthy, it’s time to cut down on caffeine and alcohol. Although occasional drinking is tolerable, you shouldn’t go over the limit. The same goes for drinking coffee. Drinking coffee can increase your heart rate and this doesn’t do your anxiety any favors. The effects of caffeine are also short-term which is bad if you’ve made it a habit to consume large amounts of it every day.

Holistic living can be achieved if you are aware of your mental and emotional states. As much as possible, prioritize all three instead of focusing on just one.

Gingival Recession And What To Do Naturally

Maintaining good oral habits can be tough, especially with the busyness of modern life. However, continuous neglect or lack of proper care can really lead to serious problems in the future. One of them is gingival recession, which can slowly develop without you noticing it. So how to reverse gum recession without surgery? Please read on.

What Is Gingival Recession?

Gingival recession, also called gum recession, is when the gum tissues surrounding your teeth pull back and expose the teeth or their roots. Eventually, it can lead to gaps where bacteria can multiply and live. When it progresses without any treatment, the teeth’s supporting tissue and bone structures may be damaged severely and you may even end up losing one or several teeth.

Gum recession can occur and progress with very few signs other than sensitive teeth or bleeding gums. Eventually, a tooth starts to look longer than the others and a bump can be noticed close to the gum line.

How To Treat Gingival Recession Naturally

The key to successfully treating gum recession is to catch it as early as possible before the gums recede too much. If you observe any signs or symptoms of gum recession, you can try out these natural treatments.

  1. Sea Salt Rinse

One of the simplest natural treatments for gingival recession is a sea salt mouthwash. Mix some warm water and salt before using it to rinse your mouth for about 15 seconds. Spit it out and repeat the rinse about 2 to 3 times a day to see best results.

  1. Sesame Seed Oil Rinse

This method is known as “oil pulling” in Ayurvedic medicine. The process involves rinsing your mouth with some sesame seed oil. This kind of oil has great health benefits, being both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. All you need to do is to rinse your mouth with one tablespoon of sesame oil for 15 minutes or until the oil is thin. Spit it out and gargle with fresh water. Do it once a day for at least a month.

  1. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is known for being a great antiseptic. It is also good at reducing inflammation that occurs with gum recession and gum disease. To enjoy these benefits, mix 2 to 3 teaspoons of chamomile tea with a cup of hot water. Leave it for around 10 minutes before straining and letting it cool. Drink 3 times a day until the symptoms disappear.

  1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is also antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. In fact, studies have shown that regularly applying this oil can reduce bleeding of the gums and gingivitis. When brushing your teeth, mix 1 to 2 drops of tea tree oil with your toothpaste and brush your teeth normally. Do this two times a day for a few weeks and you will see the difference.

  1. Coconut Oil

Another oil that is effective against gingival recession is coconut oil. When you mix it with baking soda, it will remove all the acids in the mouth where bacteria thrive. Instead of your normal toothpaste, mix 2 tablespoons each of baking soda and coconut oil. Use it once or twice a week until the symptoms of gum recession subside.

  1. Myrrh Mix

While very few people know about it, myrrh is actually a great treatment for sore gums. All you need to do is to create a mouth rinse consisting of 10 to 12 myrrh drops with a cup of warm water. Then gargle with the mix after brushing your teeth.

  1. Cranberry Juice

This juice has high doses of vitamin C and its antioxidant properties are perfect for treating oral issues. It has also been proven to stop gum recession and oral infection. Plus, periodontal disease risk has been proven to be higher when your intake of vitamin C is lower. Add at least 4 ounces of cranberry juice to your daily diet and you can stop bacteria from accumulating on your teeth. You can also vary your vitamin C intake with other vitamin C-rich fruits like lemons, oranges, strawberries, grapefruit, or papaya.

  1. Green Tea

Green tea is not only for staying young; it is also proven to be a top choice in promoting gum health. It decreases the depth of periodontal pockets, improves your teeth’s attachment to gums, and stops gum bleeding. Drink as many cups as you can and your gums will be grateful for it.

Gingival recession is a common oral health problem that can be solved using natural cures. By using these top 8 ingredients, you can say goodbye to gum recession and have healthy teeth and gums.

Read This to Find Out about Dental Care

Good Dental Care

Not everyone fully understands the relationship between dental care and general health or why one has to take good care of their teeth to ensure optimum health and wellbeing. This post is all about dental care, most especially about the things that you can do to ensure your teeth stay strong, clean, and healthy.


To brush your front teeth, using a circular motion is deemed more effective than going in an up and down motion. Additionally, you need to angle the head of the toothbrush so that it forms a 45-degree angle in relation to the gum line. Make sure to brush each tooth. Use the same circular motion for the backside of both the upper and lower teeth. To brush the backside of the top and bottom front teeth, you may want to point the edge of the brush head towards the palate and move the brush in an up and down motion. Make sure to brush the tongue as well since many of the germs that are removed from the teeth and gums eventually end up on the tongue. Moreover, this is where most of your saliva sits while waiting for it to be cleaned.


Flossing is an integral aspect of dental care since there will always be particles on your teeth that cannot be physically removed by brushing alone. Flossing is especially effective for removing plaque, that thin layer of film that is produced by bacteria that can further solidify and turn into tartar over time. Get an 18-inch strip of your dental floss and wind the floss around the middle finger on both hands. Make sure to leave an inch of floss which you’ll use to scrape off debris and plaque from your teeth. Push the floss in between the teeth using your index fingers before moving the floss in an up and down motion.


Brushing and flossing only remove physical contaminants on the teeth and gums. These do not kill biological contaminants or germs. This is where an antibacterial mouthwash can help. Steer clear of alcohol-based mouth rinses as they can easily dry the oral mucosa. What you need is a mouthwash that contains an antiseptic or an antibacterial formulation. This will help in the elimination of bacteria that are the main culprits of bad breath, plaque, and early gum disease. You can also use a mouthwash that contains fluoride which can help strengthen your teeth while also preventing tooth decay.

Eating Right

Most of us love snacking on sweet and starchy foods. Instead of drinking water, we always reach for something sweet such as juices and sodas. Instead of eating healthy we’d rather go for candies, pies, cakes, and cookies. Unfortunately, these provide fuel for the germs that are already inside our mouths. We are actually helping them to grow and create plaque and tartar that damage the teeth. If you really want to take care of your teeth, then it is best to avoid these foods altogether. If not, at least find time to gargle or rinse your mouth immediately after consuming such foods. It is imperative to eat the right kinds of food and to avoid those that can lead to the deterioration of our teeth.


Don’t visit your dentist only when there’s a problem with your teeth. Make sure to pay him a visit once every 6 months. Your dentist is in the best position to evaluate the health status of your dentition. He is also the best person to tell you exactly what you need to do to keep your teeth healthy, clean, and strong. Your dentist is the friend you can rely on to give you a very clear picture of how your teeth are actually doing. Regular dental checkups allow you to stay ahead of the status of your teeth. You can institute corrective measures the moment a possible problem or issue is spotted by your dentist. This saves you from very costly dental treatments.

Dental care is all about maintaining the health of your teeth as well as the other structures in your mouth. Making sure you brush, floss, and rinse properly should keep it healthy. Regular dental checkups and avoiding certain foods also help.